Friday, November 8, 2013


23 Benburb Street, Dublin 7

Located on the skirting board of Stoneybatter and Smithfield, you will find Wuff, a cool little café/restaurant that offers a hefty and tasty lunch at a decent enough price. It's a good corner to munch away the lunchtime hunger pains (the chips are fab) and watch half of Dublin's population stroll by.

What has it got?

Seating: All of the tables have moveable chairs so you can slip your chair in nicely.

Doors: The front doors have a double door and you will need someone to open up both of these to fit through.

Ground: The floor is tiled. 

Stairs: There are no steps to be found in Wuff which is luffly just a big slope up to the bathrooms. 

Bathrooms: They have a wheelchair bathroom and there is plenty of room in here. 

Spaciousness: Wuff wasn't too packed when I was there so I had no problems with getting around. However, when it fills up, you might have to ask people to pull in their chairs. 

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff were very helpful and taught us the knack of unlocking the double doors. 

Parking: There is plenty of on street parking close by. There are specific wheelchair spots in the area. I will update this with precise locations shortly. 

Rating: 10/10

Why did it lose points? I had no problems here with my wheelchair at all and the lunch menu was delicious so all in all, a top notch job from Wuff. 

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