Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Legless in Cork: Hayfield Manor

Hayfield Manor
Perrott Avenue, College Road, Cork

I visited Hayfield Manor yesterday for a light lunch in the lush library but with its decadent surroundings, including an aviary,  I knew I'd have to visit again when I had something to celebrate. It's a five star hotel so it's top quality all round. I only went for food there so I cannot comment on their bedrooms but Hayfield I'm willing to test them out - call me.

What has it got?

Seating: The chairs are all moveable but they also come in plenty of different heights. Some of the tables might be a little low but there are many options of tables. 

Doors: The front doors are double doors but there is a doorman there to open them. The rest of the doorways were wide and easy to push open. 

Ground: Carpet and tiles. Outside, there is a mixture of cobbles and gravel which might be a little bit tough but you can get dropped right to the door. 

Stairs: On the ground floor, everything is level but there is a lift up to the rest of the floors. 

Bathrooms: Their wheelchair bathroom was just a delight. Proper mirrors, nice soap, mouthwash, towels and ear buds. Yup, the full hog. Most wheelchair bathrooms are very basic so this was a treat. It was a little bit tight but it certainly does the trick. 

Spaciousness: There is plenty of room to maneuver here. 

Helpfulness of Staff: Incredibly helpful. Five star service really. 

Parking: They have their own car park with wheelchair spots. 

Rating: 10/10

Why did it lose points? It's quite difficult for older buildings to accommodate for wheelchair users while retaining the correct periodic style but Hayfield achieved this and they deserve a round of applause for that. 

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