Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Legless in Cork: Liberty Grill

Liberty Grill
32 Washington Street, Cork

I have been lucky enough to visit Liberty Grill twice. Once for a hangover brunch (pancakes with bacon and maple syrup - hommana hommana!) and once for dinner with an old buddy (Friend: Martin, Dinner: a hearty chicken burger). According to my Corkonian friends, it is one of the top spots to visit for food, especially for a weekend brunch. Now that I've sampled two of their menus, I can confirm that it tops the list of places I must visit in Cork, along with Crane Lane.

What has it got?

Seating: All of the tables have moveable chairs and the tables are a good height. 

Doors: The front doors are double doors so you might need a hand hooshing them open. 

Ground: Tiled floor .

Stairs: Not a step or stair in sight. 

Bathrooms: They have a large enough wheelchair bathroom but it might be a little tight for bigger wheelchairs. 

Spaciousness: The tables are a bit close to each other so you will have to ask people to pull in their chairs when you're moving through. 

Helpfulness of Staff: The staff here are very sound and helpful. You could do a lot worse for yourself.

Parking: There is plenty of onstreet parking in the area but there is a wheelchair spot on Hanover Street

Rating: 9.5/10

Why did it lose points? Liberty Grill is a fantastic spot and I'll always visit here when I go to Cork but the layout of the place may be a little tricky for larger, electric wheelchairs. It's worth testing out just for their Lemon Lime Bitters. 

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